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be_obsessive's Journal

Be Obsessive: A Challenge Community
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This is an icon challenge community for all designers, fandoms, & subjects.
Welcome to be_obsessive, an obsessive challenge community! We have taken pages from the various books, so to speak: 20inspirations, icon_roulette, and pickmybest. Thank you!

This is a challenge community unique to any others. We accept designers of every fandom, every graphics program, and every skill level - if you want to make icons here, you can! There is no required sign-up post or application for posting here; all you do is join and participate.

How It Works
Every month a new round starts. The round goes like this: you will be given a theme post. It will contain a concept, which we will illustrate with images, music, resources (fonts, textures, etc), quotes, and whatever else we like. You will make 5-25 icons that are inspired by the theme post, and will have 25 days to do so.

At the end of 25 days, a poll will go up. Unlike most challenge communities, you are NOT competing against other designers for first place. Instead, people are picking one best icon of a pre-selected 10 and saying why. Each designer will have their own 'winning' icon, and can even get a banner for it!

First, you must join to post here. Posts are not moderated, but they will be if we need to make them that way, so please behave!

Please follow these guidelines for the subject & tags of your post.

Subject: Your Username: Round #
(Example: Enriana: Round 1).

Tags: round #, entries: your username, subject: any applicable.
(Example: round 1, entries: enriana, subject: harry potter, subject: emma watson, subject: magic.)

Please include in your post whether you'd like a 'my best icon' banner after the poll is in.

When posting, you can post up to THREE teaser icons. Fake cuts are allowed!

Promote us with this banner.

Names To Know
Creators: enriana (Ariel) & feathered (Clara).
Maintainers: callispi & enriana & feathered & sunlitdays.
Banner makers: perplexedchick. Want to be one? Drop a comment here!